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Our company, CVR Transport Hungary, has been in operation since 1991 and has its headquarters in Budapest. It grew out of an Austrian company with over 50 years of experience in the transport business.

Karl Cvörnjek, an Austrian with Hungarian roots, led the company from the start as hands-on general manager. Early on, he made the strategic decision to specialize in paper and cardboard logistics. Since 2001, Karl Cvörnjek has been the owner and CEO of the company.

The company quickly acquired a reputation as an expert in paper handling, and supported by expansion of the warehouse space in Budapest, it grew to become the leading provider of paper logistics services in Hungary within just a few years.

In May 2013 we moved our headquarters to the Prologis Park Budapest-Harbor. This is another step in our drive to combine the most strategic locations with the best logistics equipment and technology.

Since 2009, CVR Hungary has operated terminals on the border between Hungary and Ukraine. In 2012, we founded the new company PaperlogEASTics, and in November 2013 we moved to the newly built terminal at Mándok.
The big advantage of operating our own terminal at the EU border is that we can ensure high-quality transloading of paper using specially trained personnel and the best of equipment. The terminal is equipped for transloading between the two rail gauges that meet at the border as well as between rail and road. The result is a cross-border link between the EU and Ukraine that can be used for imports and exports in either direction or as part of a transit route.

We have been working in paper logistics for more than 20 years. This experience gives us the ability to innovate and also to think critically about innovations and implement them without mishaps. We draw on this depth of experience to create special solutions for our clients.

With our current setup we can truly claim to provide logistics solutions for all of Eastern Europe.

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